Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the requirements for getting a Protection from Abuse order?
  2. How do I get an abusive spouse or person of the home?
  3. Where do I go to file a PFA petition?
  4. I have been served with a PFA, what do I do?
  5. Do I need lawyer for a PFA hearing?
  6. What is a “Consent without Admission”?
  7. What happens at the PFA hearing/trial?
  8. How long are PFA orders in effect?
  9. Who pays the bills if my husband was evicted by a PFA?
  10. If a PFA order is entered against me, how will that affect my future?
  11. I have a PFA against me but we reconciled. Is the PFA now invalid?


  1. How quickly can I get divorced?
  2. How do I know if I am legally separated?
  3. Why is the date of separation so important?
  4. Can my wife get my pre-marital assets?
  5. My Husband has his own credit cards, is this my debt too?
  6. Can I get divorced without going to court?
  7. What are Divorce Grounds and why are they important?
  8. What benefit is there in filing or alleging fault grounds?
  9. If my husband committed adultery will I get more money from the divorce?
  10. What happens at an Equitable Distribution Hearing?
  11. What happens at a Divorce Trial?
  12. Am I entitled to receive alimony?


  1. What is the difference between physical and legal custody?
  2. What kind of physical custody could I get?
  3. What is an Expedited Custody Petition?
  4. What is the criteria for filing an Emergency Petition?
  5. How long will a custody trial take from the date the complaint is filed?
  6. What is the possibility of a father getting primary or shared custody?
  7. I fled a custody complaint…what happens next?
  8. What happens at a custody trial?
  9. What age does a child have to be to testify in court?
  10. Can I request Mother to be drug tested?
  11. Can I order a Home Investigation on the other parent?
  12. Should I request a Mental Health Assessment to be performed on Father?
  13. Mother is brainwashing the kids and saying nasty things about me what do I do?
  14. My kids do not want to see their father…Do I have to send them?
  15. Father is not picking up the kids when he is supposed to…What can I do?


  • What is child support calculated?
  • What happens if I am unemployed or if my wife only works part-time?
  • What is the difference between Spousal Support, APL and Alimony?
  • How is Spousal Support and APL calculated?
  • Can I represent myself for a support hearing?
  • How many support hearings will I have to attend? What is the Process?
    1. Support Conference
    2. Support Master Hearings
    3. Exceptions
    4. Remand
  • Do I have to pay for my child's catholic school tuition?
  • Do I have to pay for college tuition?
  • When does child support end?
  • When should I file for a modification of support?
  • I received a pay raise, do I have to tell my spouse?

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