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Family Law Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you are seeking a divorce lawyer or simply advice on a separation, custody or support issue, the law firm of Mary Beth Reinecker is available to provide you with exceptional legal representation, advice and advocacy that you need.

It is well known that Family law is an area where emotions tend to run high as the parties are confronted by the complex legal, financial and emotional issues involved in separation, divorce, child custody and support. Therefore, it is especially important for you to be represented by an understanding and experienced family lawyer. If you or someone you know is facing or enduring drastic life changes because of separation and divorce, child custody or child support or any other family law related issues in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester, call the Law Office of Mary Beth Reinecker today to set up your 100% free initial consultation to help sort through your family law issues and to discuss your options.


If you are considering filing for a divorce or considering getting a support or custody order, you may be wondering what is the difference between mediation and litigation and which one is right for you and your family. Here are some of the major differences that you will need to consider to determine what best suits your situation.




A voluntary and private settlement process emphasizing on informed decision making and coming to q mutually acceptable agreement.

The process of hiring an attorney and taking the case to court where your issues are resolved by a judge.

Time Involved

Each mediation session lasts 2 hours and most issues are resolved in about 2 to 4 sessions. For the client’s convenience, eveing and weekend appointments are available.

Average time to resolve a divorce matter is 2 years and up to 1 year for a final resolution for support/custody. There may be a number of court appearances requiring you to take time off work.


Hundreds of dollars up to a few thoussand dollars with each party splits the costs. Up to tens of thousands of dollars, with each party being responsible for their own costs.

Decision Making

Clients are in control of the outcome and make their own decisions about their family. A judge makes a decision about your finances and decides what is in the best interest of your child.

Emotional Atmosphere

Cooperative, comfortable and less stressful environment allowing the parties to discuss their issues in relaxed setting. Adversariel and contentious process resulting in an even more destructive relationship with your spouse / former partner after a court appearance.


Mediation is informal. Session are conducted in an office or depending upon your circumstances, some sessions can be conducted in the convemienc eof your own home. Litigation requires a court appearance which is a formal and often stringent and uncomfortable setting as it is an adversariel process.


All information shared during mediation is confidential. All information, including your finances, may become public knowledge.

Impact on Children

With less parental conflict the children will will experience less anxiety. Children become pawns in the litigation process and they become anxiety filled when they have to go to court and speak to the judge.

Ability Schedule Proceeding

Client schedule their own appointment times. The court system dictates the date and time you are required to appear.


A written mediation agremeent is prepared. Unlike other Mediators, Mary Beth einecker, Esq. will assist in fililing the necessary documents to make your agreement an enforceable court order; no different than if you litigated the issue. The judge will make a ruling and you will have an enforceable court order.

Because of the special, sensitive and emotional nature of cases involving family law issues, it is important to seek experienced legal representation from a Pennsylvania licensed attorney as soon as possible. You will benefit by seeking a family law attorney who has the skill and experience necessary to assess whether your case might be able to be settled through mediation, but who stands ready to forcefully and effectively advocate on your behalf in court through litigation if a mediation is not suitable or if a mediated agreement proves impossible to achieve.

Call the Law Office of Mary Beth Reinecker today at: (267) 702-3188 for a free initial consultation to learn how she can help you sort through your complicated family law matters and to discuss your options. You may also contact Attorney Mary Beth Reinecker using the form provided on this website.

*Evening and weekend hours are offered to accommodate your schedule as well her newest service, video conferencing from the comfort of your home or office!